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At Serra Power Solutions, we design, integrate, and operate a cost-effective, reliable, captive power solutions for our industrial and commercial customers in the 100KW-500KW range. They function in an environment where the grid is unreliable and brownouts and blackouts are a routine feature. Consequently, they supplant grid power with on-site diesel generators, which increase their cost of energy to levels substantially above the prevalent LCoE in developed economies.

As a solution provider, we constantly upgrade our portfolio of best-of-breed clean energy technologies that will accelerate time to commissioning for our customers, increase reliability, and reduce overall costs.

We are interested in working with technology partners who share our vision of distributed generation and who believe that they will benefit from investing early and meaningfully in emerging economies. These partners will consequently share in the returns as we open and consolidate specific market segments.

As the first market and energy choice, we are installing on-site solar plants for industrial customers in India.

In order to fulfill and consolidate this market segment, we welcome proposals from:

  • Solar panel and module manufacturers who wish to supply us in the Indian market with attractive terms
  • Inverter manufacturers with substantial, proven expertise operating in an islanding mode at commercial-scale output
  • Experienced EPC operators in developed economies who would extend technology and training in order to enter the Indian market

In order to bring new clean technologies in the market, we welcome proposals from:

  • Innovators of non-solar, renewable technologies such as fuel cell, biomass, or any other technology that has the potential of approaching LCoE of solar and who are hoping to reach markets in emerging economies
  • Innovators of cost-effective energy storage technologies that approach a LCoE for stored-and-later-retrieved energy that is close to LCoE of directly fed solar power

If you are interested in partnering along the lines of what is mentioned above or have an innovative proposal, please feel free to write to Serra Power Partners Alias. Please draft your email as specific and customized as possible to our mission and our market objectives so that we can get back to you with a specific response. Thank you!

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