India’s multi-billion rooftop market takes off! Serra Power is sweetly positioned

From the 30 MW installed base, Distributively Generated (DG) solar is expected to grow to 40 GW under India’s ambitious goal for 2022. Serra Power is well positioned having invested two years in the highest tariff and most industrialized state of Maharashtra building partnerships, developing, sourcing and installing commercial rooftops. We are launching the Serra Power Deccan brand in neighboring Hyderabad to hit the ground running in Telangana and Andhra […]

More data points to cost benefits of clean energy

This article describes how clean energy has become decidedly cheaper than fossil fuel generated energy. Thankfully several geographic and industry segments in markets like India remain entirely free of government policies and are welcoming Serra Power to install solar plants.

Maharashtra Chief Minister acknowledges the inevitability of tariff increase and the move to solar

electricity rate and concession re-think time is came-cm | Loksatta विजेच्या दराचा पुनर्विचार केला जाणार आहे काय, या प्रश्नावर मुख्यमंत्री म्हणाले, राज्यात शेतीसाठी मोठय़ा प्रमाणात कमी दरात वीज दिली जाते. एकूण साडेदहा हजार कोटी रुपयांची सवलत विजेच्या दरात दिली जात आहे. परिणामी राज्यात विजेचा दर जास्त आहे, हे मान्य करावे लागेल, पण राज्यात २४ बाय […]

Cheap Coal Is Dead. Long Live Renewables.

Sierra Club’s Carl Pope busts myths about cheap coal. Serra Power’s savvy customers already see through the spiraling costs of coal-based grid power. Many have invested and more are investing in exactly the kind of rooftop solar he is prescribing below. Some are smack in the middle of India’s coal and thermal power heartland. As […]

India’s CERC forecasts 15-20% YoY tariff hikes for conventional power

Given surging demand for electricity and scarcity of coal, the mainstay fuel for India’s traditional sources of power generation, this was bound to happen. Will consumers face a 20% hike in power tariffs every year? | Firstpost The Central Electricity Regulatory Authority (CERC) has said consumers should prepare for a 15-20 percent increase in power […]

India’s Distribution Utilities Continue to Face Financial Challenges

Distribution utilities are simply not able to sustain current pricing regime and pay power suppliers on time. Only recently, Delhi’s distribution utilities raised power tariff by 22% to make ends meet. NTPC gets tough with Haryana utilities on pending payments « Panchabuta – Cleantech & Renewable Energy in India The big fear in the power […]

Upheavals in PV Solar Manufacturing Present a Unique Opportunity to Set Up Solar Plants

U.S. Solar Company Bankruptcies a Boon for China – Shares in large and small Chinese solar power companies have mostly rallied in the last two weeks on the New York and Hong Kong stock markets, as investors have welcomed their strong quarterly results and the prospect of dwindling competition from Western rivals. Besides the […]

Rise in Electricity and Oil (Diesel) Costs over 10 Years

O.K., Smart Guys: Fix the Energy Problem – BusinessWeek … we have fast-rising prices of electricity—5 percent rate increases per year since 2000—the fourfold increase in oil prices since 1999 is a much bigger problem in terms of economics than our electricity problem. The fourfold increase in oil (Diesel) prices over 12 years works out […]

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